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Seasonal or promotional advertising campaigns are developed according to marketing strategies and respond to specific objectives, targeted audience, budget, and media planning.


A campaign requires teamwork between marketers and creative minds; visualizing the correct way to present persuasive messages to customers with concepts that represent a brand's insight and promise, along with the promise of a product or service during a specific timeframe.


The pieces involved in a campaign are so diverse they can range from billboards to printed ads, signage, printed collateral, static and electronic banners, floor graphics, car wrappings, print design, and more. 


Below are some examples of pieces from different campaigns we have had the opportunity to put together.

buy local buffalo logo
buy local buffalo responsive design
buy local buffalo marketing toolkit web banner
miraflores valentine's campaign
JERS sustaining partner mailer.jpg
JERS sustaining partner donation pop-up
JERS sustaining partner email image
JERS sustaining partner thank you for your gift
JERS sustaining partner vinyl roll-up
JERS sustaining partner postcard
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