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chispitas series

Grupo Rabí was a collective of school teachers based in Guatemala, who authored a series of workbooks to support children's education in the Pre-K and Elementary school. With a respectable trajectory both, in teaching and creating books, the titles had a strong demand locally and nationally. Chispitas was based on the theory of multiple intelligences created by Howard Gardner, the educative methodology consisted in providing children a learning process in which they learn and develop skills through a series of activities that stimulate their spatial, logical-mathematical, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, interpersonal, linguistic, musical and natural intelligence.


The series consisted of 4 books. Each book was packaged in a box and the pages could be ripped off to be easy to work with. The structure of the book was in units and aligned with the contents of the national curriculum, the series design included other materials as resources for the students through stories, songs, and didactic materials that the teacher would use to help them learn according to their specific needs.

This is one of the projects we feel most proud about. We were not only satisfied with the quality of the work achieved but we were overwhelmed by the positive and satisfying level of acceptance that the series had among the children.

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