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fashion lab ny

Fashion Lab NY is a small local business located in Buffalo, NY. It opened its doors in 2016, with a vision of a place where young kids and teens could experiment creatively and invent through fashion with a clear mission to provide them with the tools and the direction to inspire one's uniqueness and sense of style. 


The Fashion Lab NY was looking to define the pillars that would allow the brand to display visually with a strong presence while speaking from the core of its promise. We set the tone of their communication with key- messages, established the brand's guidelines to keep consistency, and defined a feel and look that would unify the brand and marketing collateral.

FLNY Business Card
FLNY Logo lockup
FLNY Brand Guidelines
FLNY Brochure opened
FLNY Brochure cover and back
FLNY Brochure cover
FLNY Gift certificate
FLNY T-shirt
FLNY Flyer
FLNY Flyers
FLNY Roll up
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