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hispanic women's league

​​The Hispanic Women's League is an organization that works to improve the quality of life, assist in personal and professional development, and advocate for the concerns of the Hispanic woman. Based in Buffalo, NY, the primary commitment of the Hispanic Women's League is to provide scholarships to women of Hispanic descent for the attainment of higher education.


In addition, the League performs and participates in numerous community services, fundraising efforts, and makes contributions specifically geared to address the unique concerns of the Hispanic woman and the Latino community.

We have collaborated with them to improve their communication efforts providing the visuals for some of their most important events.

40 anniversary_falling invitations.jpg
40 anniversary_falling invitations_A.jpg
40 anniversary_falling invitations_B.jpg
40 anniversary_falling invitations_C.jpg
40 anniversary_program_cover.jpg
40 anniversary_program.jpg
40 anniversary_program_2.jpg
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