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una vida es una vida

Una Vida es Una Vida was born as a way to balance the coverage of crime in Guatemala by a local journalist, Claudia Mendez-Arriaza. Devoted to covering crime and corruption, Mendez-Arriaza wanted to show how easy it was to forget about a victim. How one of them would make the nightly news, while eight more would be left behind. The mission was to register each crime to acknowledge the loss and to recognize those affected; to remind citizens that each victim had a name and that they all were important.


Una Vida es Una Vida was a website that Guatemalans would use as a resource to track crimes in a database. It provided them with the geographic location of cases and a display of information regarding cases, apprehensions, and convictions. 

Our task for this particular project was to create visuals that would support the feel and look of the overall site. We started with the logo to establish guidelines that would make it easier to develop the different pages and segments of the website.


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