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we design with love.



We are a graphic design studio with a deep love for visual communication. We speak through color, typography, images, and compositions to support communication and marketing strategies. 


We understand the relationship between design and business. Our work aims to be creative and aesthetic while merging business and design objectives with purpose. We use graphic design as a strategic tool to bring brands and products closer to their customers.


We create awareness and recognition. We promote growth. We don't just make graphic design; we make it great. 




Ligia E. Hubert

Founder & Creative Director


                   is a graphic designer originally from Guatemala, where she grew up surrounded by the exotic beauty of the country and the rush of a busy city.


In 2000, at 24 years old, she founded her first graphic design studio, méndezdiseña, where she directed an incredible team until 2013, when she moved to Buffalo, NY.


In 2016, ligiahubert became her second entrepreneurial endeavor. What started as a one-person studio turned into a collaboration with a selected group of highly talented professionals in the creative field working under her lead. 

Ligia has deep roots in the Hispanic culture and loves to be involved in projects and initiatives that support education, children, and art. She also serves as a professor teaching Graphic Design at Bryant & Stratton and Daemen colleges in WNY.


Most recently, she became a mentor for participants of the M&T Bank Minority and Women Emerging Entrepreneurs Program of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership of the University at Buffalo.


Life surprised her with a radical change when she said goodbye to her home and family in Guatemala. It also gave her new opportunities to continue growing as a human, a woman, and a creative mind. She uses this experience to enrich her work and the way she approaches each project for her clients.




As the Creative Director of ligiahubert, Ligia has always believed in collaboration, teamwork, and the incubation of talent. She has had the privilege to work with professionals that had become part of a remote team that comes together to complement each other with their talents. 

By 2021, ligiahubert also opened a new opportunity to accept graduate students to become part of the team as interns.

Brenda Gálvez

Senior Graphic Designer


                                has more than 20 years of professional experience in Graphic Design. Her journey in design and creativity began in 2001 in Guatemala, where she was born.


Along with her best friend, they created Doz Gráfico, a venture that continues to be part of her life. She has developed a deep passion for creating and developing brands and corporate identities. She loves bringing new products and ideas to life. 


Through her work, she helps companies to create and perfect their image, grow, and evolve to the next level. She has worked with different companies, from startups to established midsize and worldwide organizations, that need global thinking to shape their brands. She specializes in the conceptualization and development of printed and digital graphic design in advertising, brand and marketing collateral, brand identity, and packaging.


Life has taken her to other places and it has made her expand her experiences, adventures, and creative ideas and transcend continents. She now lives in Spain, where she continues exploring new markets and opportunities.

Sofía Estrada Amaya

Intern 2021

Universidad La Salle, Ciudad de México

                        is currently studying her final year of university at Universidad La Salle in Mexico City. During her third year of Graphic and Digital Design studies, she lived in Buffalo, NY, where she attended Daemen College as an exchange student.


For her, graphic design is a way of communication that involves much more than just text and images. It is a personal approach to the audience seeing, reading, or interacting with the design. She loves to travel to feed her creativity and practice her languages. She also loves to collect her traveling memories and design inspirations into travel vlogs. 

To continue her career, she is looking to study an MFA in Branding, Advertising, or Photography after graduating. She is currently looking for opportunities in the United States and Europe. You can also find her making plans for her next trip, scrapbooking, reading, or crafting.




let's talk.

If you are ready to start your project or want to talk about your ideas, we are here to help you.


We are always for a nice story or two. We also love coffee, music, movies, and yes, we speak Spanish too!

Buffalo, New York

Certified NYS Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise -MWBE-

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